Release 2.1

DDSWMM is customised software and its price depends on the configuration selected. The current
release of the model is DDSWMM 2.1. To obtain DDSWMM current prices, download the Order Form
below. The order form lists the current prices for certain program configurations which are believed to
meet most needs; they are.
DDSWMM 2.1 (200)
DDSWMM 2.1 (500)
DDSWMM 2.1 (1000)
DDSWMM 2.1 (2000)

200, 500, 1000 and 2000 refer to the maximum number of storm sewers, major system (street) segments
and subcatchements that can be simulated.

For other customised configurations, please contact us at info@amki.on.ca for prices.

Upgrade prices are available for current users of DDSWMM 1.1 and DDSWMM 2.0, as well as for
current users of OTTSWMM.

DDSWMM is compatible with windows 98, windows 2000 and windows XP, and is provided on a CD,
which contains the following:

                      ●     DDSWMM executable program
                      ●     EXTRAN interface programs
                      ●     Reference manual
                      ●     Test examples

DDSWMM license provides for a single user. It, however, allows for a “permanent” transfer of license to
another “single” user, by completing a “change of user” form and sending it to “AMK Associates
International Ltd.”.

For multiple licenses, discounts are applied, as follows:
15% for second license
20% for third license
30% for additional licenses
DDSWMM prices include Shipping and Handling.

Training and consulting services are available.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us at info@amki.on.ca for current